On My Watch

One feature of this website will be a column that I write called On My Watch. It will appear on my blog in its own category.  Its purpose is to call attention to moments, experiences, chance conversations, observations or opportunities in my life that are either savored or ignored and that have larger implications for growth and awareness.

As an example, in connection with finishing all the pieces that need to be completed before a book is “done,” I have been blessed with family, volunteers, and neighbors pitching in and helping with all the tasks that need attention when delivering the book into the marketplace and bringing it to a wider audience.

While it might be trite to use the old expression “there is no “I” in “T…E…A…M,” it nevertheless has a ring of authenticity. This spontaneous team of supporters graciously gave their time (and in many cases, their talent) to mailings and the other mundane tasks that were part of the distribution process. We had a veritable assembly line of those who folded letters, stuffed mailers, sealed packages, confirmed inscriptions and stored them in carry cases for easy travel to the post office.

Quite a crew. They created a buzz around the book, the website, and anticipated feedback from friends – and the public. My job, mainly, was to get out of this juggernaut’s way while they took care of the real work associated with getting a finished product to market. That particular group is not likely to be formed again – but I wanted to capture the joy they exuded in their brief time together as a team.

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