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Off Balance – Reflections on Balance

Off Balance It doesn’t take much to tip us off balance. A word here or there can easily upset our equilibrium and feed our appetite that wants to brood over real or perceived sleights. Our imagination makes up conversations, justifies our actions, extracts apologies, and stockpiles hurts that we absorb but do not confront. Over time […]

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Random Acts – Riddles

Questions – What is 4,000 years old, but fresh as a daisy? What crosses all cultures but never moves? Answer – A riddle. Riddles have an august history, with the earliest known riddle dating back some 4,000 years.  In that riddle, the question is asked, “A person enters a house blind but exits seeing. What is it? […]

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Reflections On Cremation

There is a place in our every day lives that we reserve for a category called “You can’t make this stuff up”. They don’t come before us too often – but when they do it’s usually a doozy. Here’s a recent one that’s simply too delicious not to share. The other day my wife received in […]

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