About Me

George KaufmanGeorge Kaufman is a writer, lawyer, storyteller, and spiritual seeker.  For many years he was closely affiliated with Omega, a holistic educational institute located near Rhinebeck, New York.  During his association with Omega, George served as a board member, Vice-Chair, and Chair of the Institute.  He also directed their development department, which is responsible for that organization’s fundraising activities.  While practicing law in New York and Washington, D.C., he lectured for the Practicing Law Institute and wrote articles, columns, and a book published by the American Bar Association titled The Lawyers Guide to Balancing Life and Work.

After a lifetime on the East Coast, George and his wife Helen moved in 2015 to Eugene, OR.  Helen is an artist, therapist, his best friend and trusted ally.  George has two children and a beautiful grandchild.  In a world that is increasingly difficult to navigate, they are intrepid sailors.

What others are saying about George’s latest book Accidental Spirituality

“Every story is an individual gem and a meditation on living a conscious life.”  Gail Straub, Co-Founder Empowerment Institute

“Beautifully written, essay after essay.”  Nancy Arionie, author of Writing from the Heart.

“I have been the beneficiary of George’s wise counsel and friendship for over 25 years.  he has an amazing way of distilling life in to crystalline truths.  Accidental Spirituality is a repository of these truths.  I have been inspired by them one at a time over these years and it is such a delight to see them all in one place.  they will enrich you and make you a better person for the reading.”  David Gershon, CEO Empowerment Institute and author of Social Change 2.0. A Blueprint for Reinventing Our World. 

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Have a question or comment?  George would love to hear from you.  You can email him at gwk1938@gmail.com