Blessing December 2017

Are you drawn to a lifestyle that promotes competition,

or do you prefer to be connected with others in a common design?

Are you attracted to the power that comes with wealth and age,

or are you attracted to the wisdom that harnesses such power?

Are you in pain from losses that tear at the tissues of your heart,

or can you generate hope as a healing balm to soften the inconsolable?

Do you suffer from the chaos of nature’s power, or can you live with chaos until

it presents itself as love, acceptance and inclusion?

Do you regret that your life path has led you to where you are today,

or can you use that path to grow by learning, teaching, observing and loving?

Can you live passionately, love fully, share bounty, value beauty, and acknowledge freely how life’s moments form a momentous life?

Don’t pray for a choice. Pray for curiosity. Don’t live with regrets. Live with gusto. Don’t harbor resentment. Embrace opportunities. Don’t waste a moment. Start now.

George Kaufman © December 2017

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